Hannah Wicklund & the Steppin' Stones Debut "Bomb Through the Breeze" Video

Hannah Wicklund & the Steppin' Stones Debut

The band's new album isn't due until January 26, 2018, but, today, Hannah Wicklund & the Steppin' Stones are giving Guitar Player readers a sneak peek at the upcoming release's sound and fury with the premiere of "Bomb Through the Breeze."

“Sadler [Vaden, producer and guitarist for Jason Isbell] and I wrote this song as a response to feeling backed into a corner by someone who doesn't get the hint," explains Wicklund. "This is the type of song to hopefully inspire some self-confidence when it comes to standing up for yourself and others. Unfortunately, when someone's volume is on 'Loud' for so long, the only way to get their attention is to do something even louder. 'Bomb Through the Breeze' is our first single, and it's also the opening song on our new album. It channels my classic rock roots with an ode to my AC/DC, Frampton, and Joe Walsh influences. A nice big riff always kicks things off the right way.”